"I've spent most of my career learning 
to think like a clientdelivering 
innovation in design and tirelessly pushing the boundaries of customer service and quality" -- John V.


As Director of Operations and Engineering Services John is responsible for technical innovation, project management, end-to-end solution delivery and customer service. With a customer-centric approach to engineering John has more than 30 years of experience and insight in the automation industry.

John started his career in 1981 with General Electric commissioning paper machines and steel mills, specializing in drive systems and mining equipment. The majority of his eight years with GE was invested in training and consulting on digital drives and conveyor systems for large domestic industrial sites and leading projects for international clients including mining activities in China.

In 1989 John joined Rockwell Automation as a Field Service Engineer. In his field work, tuning thousands of large and small drive systems for hundreds of clients across the country he learned the importance of customer-centricity and became relentlessly focused on providing best-in-class service. In 1996, John received Rockwell’s Performance Plus II Award, the highest recognition for field service engineering; he was nominated again in 1997 and received a team performance award in 1998. 

In 2000, John was transferred to the Global Manufacturing Solutions Engineering division as a Senior Project Engineer. After twelve years of honing his skills in project management and engineering services John developed a reputation for being a passionate innovator, a specialist in safety control systems and a champion for the customer. He has garnered the respect and trust of both his team and his clients and is well regarded within the industry in Ontario.