STEELExperience includes Casters, Steelmaking including transport and positioning of ladle cars, Torpedo cars, Lance Control, automated control of 300 Ton BOF and Reheat Mill. Experience includes General Electric digital drives (SP3200) and analog drives (SP3100) with page logic control (TTL logic). Positioning Controls for Steel car drives, transport and pouring drives. We have extensive experience with AC and DC drives, speed, tension, and position control.

HYDRO ELECTRIC DAMS Experienced engineering aggregate conveyor systems which were used to build a hydroelectric dam in Panama's tropical forest and the largest dam in Africa located in Ethiopia. These projects included Powerhouse construction which housed drive systems controlling conveyance motors. The project included dynamic braking using resistor banks and regenerative braking, taking advantage of the power being developed transporting aggregate down a 900 foot vertical drop. The control system included a rail car with on-board diesel generator; communications to field devices was accomplished using Ethernet ring networks and comprehensive safety controls.

PROCESS LINESCold Drawn Mills, Galvanising Mills, Welding Tube Mills, Stretch Reducing Mills, Spiral Accumulators, Non Destructive Testing, Steel Banding  &  Stacking Machines, Pipe Hydrostatic Testing, Reheat Mill, Lance Controls, Winders, Travelling Cut-off Saws, Ladle Cars, Torpedo Cars, Rod Mills, Crop Shears. Rubber Tire Process Lines, Stamping press controls specializing in safety includes experience with AIDA and BLISS press controls, bolsters, counterbalances, hydraulics and pneumatics. We have extensive experience with AC and DC drives, speed, tension, and position control, product yield optimization,  safety system enhancements and reliability improvements. Automax to CLX conversions.

PACKAGINGReplacement and full retrofit of large packaging and printing production lines including feed belts, correction belts, acceleration belts, SERVO drives and motors, product tracking and rejection systems, flexible printing lines including coilers/uncoilers, tensioning systems, and high speed colour registration systems, corrugated drive systems, product stacker systems and controls.

FOODExperienced converting of bread proofer and roll proofer and roll oven. Retrofitted conveyor systems from Square D PLCs to CompactLogix controls for temperature, humidity and speed controls via VFDs, hydraulics, positioning and sequencing. Upgraded safety control systems and improved operator diagnostics. Upgraded the vertical indexing system in a roll proofer from a mechanical to a Servo drive control for improved reliability.

PAPERPulp and paper retrofits and tune ups including AC and DC drives. Experienced in paper Forming section, Press section, and Drying sections including with Yankee and Flakt dryers, calendars and winders. Experience includes turnkey printing press retrofits from obsolete printing press controls to new motors, drives, operator interfaces, press and winder controls. Redesign of multi-unit GOSS printing presses.

MININGCommissioned hundreds of 170 ton diesel electric mining trucks with GE drive systems, 1600hp prime mover engines, AC generators with tertiary winding, DC motors for propulsion and large dynamic brake systems. Project Management for large mining vehicles in north west China, Shanxi province at the Pingshuo Coal Mine Project.

MARINECommissioned conveyor lines and drive systems for material loader in a barge vessel designed to transport concrete aggregates across the Great Lakes. Also commissioned a vertical lift belt conveyor control system on an ocean going bulk carrier.